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Message 114483 - Posted 13 Oct 2011 14:37:10 UTC

    I'm planning to rebuild one of my PC's.The reviews on the new AMD 8150 indicate its best features are in heavily multi-threaded apps,while Intel is better at single threads and "branches". Can anyone comment on how E@H's work matches up to these?


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    Message 114487 - Posted 13 Oct 2011 21:07:22 UTC

      As far as I know, Einstein doesn't have multithreaded WUs but Milkyway@Home does. It should excel on there

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      Message 114501 - Posted 14 Oct 2011 14:26:24 UTC

        The app or the work units arenĀ“t multithreaded but boinc is. So your cpu would crunch 8 work units at once.

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