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1) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Why do I get so little task o FGRP4? (Message 141247)
Posted 3 hours ago by Richard Haselgrove
You will have noticed from the thread in Technical News that there was a pause in work production while they prepared for, and switched to, a revised application?
2) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Run time not counting up (Message 141239)
Posted 7 hours ago by Richard Haselgrove
BOINC wouldn't set the affinity - that would be the job of the computer's operating system. BOINC handles scheduling, and unless you've made manual configurations, won't "overcommit" your CPU - BOINC will assume that every science application will use one CPU core to the full, and won't start more processes than the number of cores available. But a modern multitasking operating system will probably have over 100 processes in memory at any one time (most of them idle most of the time), and BOINC doesn't even attempt to schedule its activities around them. Again, that would be an OS function.
3) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : BOINC claims no disk space available despite many GB being there (Message 141159)
Posted 6 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
OK - all running now. Puzzle to me is - is it accumulating un-needed files that were not deleted? Something caused the error messages.

Yes, "something" caused the amount of disk space used inside your computer to increase, so there was less free space than there was before.

That could have been anything. Have you been taking, and storing, a lot of photographs recently? That would do it - just as an example. On the other hand, it could be Einstein, or any other BOINC project. I'm afraid you're going to have to look around your hard disk and see what's on it.
4) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : Suddenly puzzling error message (Message 141155)
Posted 6 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
You posted this same problem over in Technical News, where I made some detailed comments I won't repeat here.

He posted here first, but might have been redirected..... ;)
5) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : BOINC claims no disk space available despite many GB being there (Message 141154)
Posted 6 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
So how do I fix the problem? As I say, there is plenty of free disk drive available yet the error message says none is available. I have not changed anything since installing the program.

You're set disk_min_free_gb as 50.00GB, you only have 48.91GB free, Set the 'Disk: leave free at least x GB' to a lower value, say 5GB, instead of 50GB, in either the Web Computing Preferences, or locally in Boinc Manager if you're using local computing preferences (these override the web computing preferences).


As I suggested in his Cafe thread, I'd advise Lawrence to make smaller changes at first. The 'leave free at least' setting is certainly the one to change, but maybe to 40 GB for the time being. That will get him crunching again, with less risk of slowing the computer down by getting too close to filling the hard disk. Just as a breathing space while he learns his way around.
6) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : Suddenly puzzling error message (Message 141143)
Posted 6 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
It's probably a BOINC setting, which you can change. Your server log says:

2015-05-23 11:03:40.7919 [PID=12292] [send] No disk space available: disk_max_used_gb 40.00GB disk_max_used_pct 20.00 disk_min_free_gb 50.00GB
2015-05-23 11:03:40.7920 [PID=12292] [send] No disk space available: host.d_total 156.75GB host.d_free 48.91GB host.d_boinc_used_total 0.32GB
2015-05-23 11:03:40.7920 [PID=12292] [send] No disk space available: x1 39.68GB x2 31.03GB x3 -1.09GB x -1.09GB

I've picked out the one which is probably causing the problem.

Also note that Bernd has posted recently about increased disk usage in the Technical News area - old files (which are no longer needed) are not being deleted as they should be. I've no doubt that there will be follow-up discussion of how to deal with that, but it will probably take place in either Technical News or the Problems and Bug Reports area - you'll probably do better posting questions like this there.

In the short term, you could keep running by reducing BOINC's minimum space requirement using your Account global preferences page, but don't go below 40 GB even in the short term, and put a little effort into understanding how you got to use that much, and finding a way to get it under control again.
7) Message boards : Getting Started : Re-Install Problem (Message 141054)
Posted 11 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
This BOINC FAQ has instructions for deleting users and groups in both 'Home' and 'Professional' versions of Windows:

How do I completely uninstall BOINC 6 and 7, on Windows / Uninstall to prepare for reinstall?
8) Message boards : Technical News : Canceled "bad" BRP beams (Message 140968)
Posted 17 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
SETI receives data from the same set of Arecibo antennae (7 channels, 2 polarities), and records them to its own recorder. Somewhere in the feed, we sometimes see a channel - B3_P1, in SETI terminology - which gets a bit stuck somewhere in the pipeline, and ruins that channel for sometimes weeks at a time (it seems to be seasonal). I have no way of knowing whether the fault is before or after the SETI feed is branched off the main PALFA source.
9) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : Knights Who Say NI (Message 140919)
Posted 19 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
The owner of the domain name passed away, and nobody else was able to take it over.

So the stats were moved to a slightly different domain:

Simply replace the previous '.net' with '.info' in any link.
10) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Are WU's stuck (Message 140912)
Posted 20 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
I see the credit regime has changed to 1k for a BRP6 PM 1.52 WU and 480 for a BRP4G...

Where on earth are you seeing that? The validated tasks on both your hosts are showing 1,000 credits for BRP4G, and 4,400 credits for BRP6 'Parkes', the same as everybody else - and the same as it has been for some months now.

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