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1) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : 7.6.6 (Message 142873)
Posted 1 day ago by Richard Haselgrove
If you were to give more details about how you came to that conclusion, people would be better able to work out what needs to be fixed - whether that's Windows 10, BOINC, Einstein, or your computer.
2) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : 7.6.6 (Message 142858)
Posted 1 day ago by Richard Haselgrove
New version ignored computer preferences and ran at 100% on all 8 processors. It did not use the gpu.

Yes, there were known problems with it even when it was released (though that wasn't one I'd heard about). Best revert to the previous version for now: there's a v7.6.9 being tested as a quick replacement.
3) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : Seti Refuge Bar & Bistro Wing of Cafe Einstein (Message 142693)
Posted 11 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
I think they have ping response disabled - I couldn't ping, even while I was uploading.
4) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : Seti Refuge Bar & Bistro Wing of Cafe Einstein (Message 142688)
Posted 11 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
For me Seti ( resolves to
BOINC ( resolves to

I agree on the websites, using whatever DNS my ISP assigns - probably BT's own.

Can add -

SETI scheduler
SETI upload server
SETI download servers,

(I don't know which is which yet)
5) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : Seti Refuge Bar & Bistro Wing of Cafe Einstein (Message 142687)
Posted 11 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
Just came back to report the same thing - both websites are up.

And some uploads are trickling through, though rather slow to start, presumably because of congestion rather than configuration problems.
6) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : Seti Refuge Bar & Bistro Wing of Cafe Einstein (Message 142684)
Posted 11 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
If the Post office can't sort out a change in Zip codes what chance have we got!!

P.S. Looks like Seti, Boinc, and Boinc Dev have all died


Worse. Got to work and did the same, trace went nowhere! Then I noticed it was to a different IP address. DNS is borked. That can take a minimum of 24 hours to resolve as servers are frequently set to cache that long, so they point at the old address!

Well, my DNS lookups are giving me different IP addresses from the ones I remember from the last time I posted on the subject - last week, I think. So the DNS server upstream of my router has been updated, and the numbers look like the standard Space Science lab private range.

But as yet, I'm getting no signs of life from any of them. Remember that the firewalls and switches need manual configuration at their end - those heavy-duty beasts don't sort it out automagically as we expect from modern consumer gear.
7) Message boards : Technical News : Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Parkes PMPS XT) "BRP6" (Message 142520)
Posted 18 days ago by Richard Haselgrove

Thus, CUDA 6.0 does not exclude anyone. Even CUDA 6.5 would probably lock out only very few GPUs with minimal impact (G80 has only 128 CUDA cores!). As CUDA 6.0 introduced Maxwell support, it might be more interesting than CUDA 5.5.

edit: This was discussed a little bit earlier above in this thread

I guess support for OS such as XP - might also be a factor?

I'm running CUDA 6.5 under Windows XP. GPUGrid supply the application, NVidia supply the driver (344.75) and runtime support, and I supplied the GTX 750 Ti Maxwell card.

GPUGrid looked at CUDA 6.5 and decided that it had features beneficial to their applications. Einstein - I'm sure - have looked at it, and decided that it hasn't, for the time being at least. There's a bit of a difference between biochemistry and astrophysics, after all.
8) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : Albert makes my computer freeze (Message 142426)
Posted 21 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
First, does anybody have a suggestion how to turn off Einstein tasks without letting BOINC Manager do a full start? I would like to do this to isolate the problem.

Copied from my reply on the BOINC message board (in case that board dies again before you get a chance to read it).

Several ways, some of which you can usefully combine for troubleshooting.

1) Using the Windows registry (run 'regedit')
Find the key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Space Sciences Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley\BOINC Manager

and set the value DisableAutoStart to 1

2) Using BOINC's Client configuration
Edit the file 'cc_config.xml' in the BOINC data directory. Set the value

Specify a number of seconds to delay running applications after client startup.

to a modest value, like 30 or 60.

Technique (1) will prevent BOINC starting at all, until you're ready to start it yourself from the start menu. But it will still lockup immediately, unless you also use technique (2) to delay Einstein starting up. You get whatever breathing space you've specified to dive in and suspend either the entire project, or any individual tasks (perhaps GPU tasks) that you suspect may be causing the lockup.
9) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Building Boinc for Einstein@Home and the Raspberry Pi 2 (Message 142386)
Posted 23 days ago by Richard Haselgrove

after complete patch i get the following error:

pi@RasPiSA-100 ~ $ git clone git:// boinc
Cloning into 'boinc'...
fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=Verbindungsaufbau abgelehnt

any ideas?

The master source code repository has recently been moved to github. Change the section I've highlighted to
10) Message boards : Getting Started : server down, can't report to help forum (Message 142327)
Posted 26 days ago by Richard Haselgrove
That's not quite true. Once you have the BOINC client installer - which is the sticking point at the moment - you don't need to contact the BOINC server ever again. All other files needed come from the individual project servers, which shouldn't be affected by this breakdown.

As Meck said in the opening post, the BOINC message boards are also missing, but most questions and answers can be handled on project message boards like this one. In the long term, if the problems continue, the biggest risk will be to the Wiki documentation, for users and project administrators alike.

I personally wouldn't trust CNet as a download site any more (too many reports of unwanted payloads in their download manager), but many thousands of users have downloaded copies of BOINC available to share or to recreate the archive of older versions: Oliver Bock is discussing with the Einstein team whether the Einstein servers can be used to host a download mirror, and I'm sure other projects will be considering doing the same.

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