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1) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : [Vista] Avoiding client error exit code 1073807364 (0x40010004) (Message 74533)
Posted 10 Sep 2007 by Relativistic Traveler
It appears that this error occurs when Vista shuts down before either BOINC or the Einstein app has time to close properly.
At least two ways to avoid this:
1.) "Exit" BOINC Manager, not just close (as reported previouly for another exit error code).
2.) Chose option "suspend when user is active" and not to leave the Einstein app in memory.

- exit code 1073807364 (0x40010004)

2007-09-04 00:15:47.6091 [normal]: Start of BOINC application 'projects/'.
2007-09-04 00:15:48.1863 [debug]: Reading SFTs and setting up stacks ... done
2007-09-04 00:16:05.6115 [normal]: ERROR: Couldn't open existing checkpointing toplist file
2007-09-04 00:16:05.6115 [debug]: Couldn't open checkpoint (2) - starting from beginning

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