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1) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : GPU suspended (Message 133711)
Posted 2 days ago by Claggy
Make sure you haven't set the Activity menu to Suspend GPU, and that it is either set to Use GPU based on preferences, or Use GPU always.

2) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : intel gpu help (Message 133709)
Posted 2 days ago by Claggy
As a point of reference, the Intel GPU's absolutely must have a dummy plug or monitor plugged into one of the onboard video ports on the I/O panel of the motherboard, otherwise they will not be recognized and functional in BOINC.

Not true, you can extend the desktop onto it, and not have a dummy plug, Boinc should still detect and use the Intel GP.

That is right click on the desktop, choose 'screen resolution', go 'detect', chose the display that is on your Intel GPU, you'll have to force it detect the GPU by 'try and connect anyway on: VGA', then on 'multiple displays', chose 'extend these displays', Restart Boinc.

3) Message boards : Technical News : Fermi LAT Gamma-ray pulsar search #3 "FGRP3" (Message 133550)
Posted 9 days ago by Claggy

I have a question or two specifically.

I am running the following or was running two task for computer 11629291:

What I am asking is, why are both task not listed in the current task late or listed as currently finished and reported. I just wanted to know if this last running task is not needed or currently needs to be trashed for computer #11629291.

You received the tasks, didn't complete them before deadline, the tasks have been sent to someone else's host, they've completed the task, your wingmens results have then been validated, and the task, and results have been purged from the Boinc database.

4) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : Error with Gravitational Wave S6 Directed Search (CasA) (Message 133377)
Posted 18 days ago by Claggy
Hello. There was a problem with task h1_0991.65_S6Directed__S6CasAf40a_992.8Hz_186_1

After 90, 909 % completing, it was going to close cycle (as I understand) because in few hours it was that 90, 909 % and no more. So I aborted it.

A number of Einstein apps display infrequent progress, eventually it would have reached 100%, and may even have spent some time at 100%, if you'd had more patience.

5) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : BOINC weirdness again (Message 133210)
Posted 25 days ago by Claggy
Seems to me, if a task has to go HP the moment it's downloaded, its deadline is too short, or something is still wonky with priority management.

Or this project doesn't have enough resource share allocated to it for the taks to be completed in time, without going into high priority.

6) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : No new work? (Message 133117)
Posted 28 days ago by Claggy
Your computers are hidden, no-one can tell you what type of work you were doing and whether it is still available.

7) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : Computer freezes when Einstein Runs (Message 133115)
Posted 28 days ago by Claggy
You're also got an Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400 GPU, all the tasks sent to it have errored:

All tasks for computer 11629108

If you go to your Einstein project preferences and deselect 'Use INTEL GPU' you'll no longer get work for that device once your host has managed to contact Einstein, althrough you may still have some existing work,

If you're still having problems, try deselecting 'Use NVIDIA GPU' too and update the project again.

The Einstein CPU apps are unlikely to be causing the problem.

8) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Parallella, Raspberry Pi, FPGA & All That Stuff (Message 132936)
Posted 37 days ago by Claggy
Since this device is available now, I would like to ask: has anyone managed to teach this device to crunch (including GPU) ?

Ivan has compiled the Seti MBv7 Cuda app for it.

9) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : Progress Stucks in 16.666% (Message 132642)
Posted 51 days ago by Claggy
Not all Einstein apps display frequent progress, or checkpoint frequently,

Wait, and you'll see it jump to the next checkpoint/% done.

10) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Only 2 threads running instead of 8 (Message 132546)
Posted 55 days ago by Claggy
2014-07-28 13:06:18.1280 [PID=2086 ] [version] Best version of app einstein_S6CasA is ID 567 (6.27 GFLOPS)
2014-07-28 13:06:18.1287 [PID=2086 ] [send] stopping work search - insufficient disk space
2014-07-28 13:06:18.1288 [PID=2086 ] [send] stopping work search - insufficient disk space
2014-07-28 13:06:18.1288 [PID=2086 ] [send] stopping work search - insufficient disk space
2014-07-28 13:06:18.1288 [PID=2086 ] [send] stopping work search - insufficient disk space

2014-07-28 13:06:18.1477 [PID=2086 ] [debug] [HOST#10689021] MSG(high) Gravitational Wave S6 Directed Search (CasA) needs 8.86MB more disk space. You currently have 86.51 MB available and it needs 95.37 MB.
2014-07-28 13:06:18.1477 [PID=2086 ] Sending reply to [HOST#10689021]: 0 results, delay req 60.00
2014-07-28 13:06:18.1481 [PID=2086 ] Scheduler ran 6.311 seconds

Basically you're run out of allocated disk space for Boinc, of the 100 Gigabytes you're got allocated you're only got ~86 Megabytes left,
You could be using almost all of those 100 Gigs, or you could be falling foul of the Disk: use at most 50% of total preference, you could try upping the 100 Gigs to 110 Gigs, or you could try upping the % total up to 60%

Unlike most other projects where a Wu gets a single data file, Einstein uses a set of data files for multiple Wu's (at least on some of their searches), that means your host will accumulate data files, and you'll get sent tasks for the data files that you already have,
it does mean you may have lots of disk space tried up with datafiles awaiting for the server to tell Boinc to delete them, you could reset the project, but then you'd need to get fresh datasets, and that'll likely increase your downloads by a large amount,
best to increase the space allocated for now.


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