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1) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : BRP3 (PMPS) data being re-crunched? (Message 113742)
Posted 971 days ago by Profile Bill592
Hi Richard,

If it’s worth doing once, it’s worth doing again – that’s my motto.

Well, not really )

Hasn’t Seti been re-crunching the same data over and over
again for about the last 12 years ?

Best Regards,

2) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Gravitational units time and BRP3 units time (Message 109964)
Posted 1181 days ago by Profile Bill592
......or an ATI app is launched they won't be done anywhere near the same time.

SETI will likely discover ET before that happens.
3) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Sandy Blitz is here (Message 109479)
Posted 1197 days ago by Profile Bill592
Very Nice !

Keep us informed on your overclocking )

4) Message boards : Science : Global Warming - Moved (Message 108352)
Posted 1235 days ago by Profile Bill592

Yep, indeed. The global warming is supposed to disrupt the Gulf Stream -
and then it's going to be cold here (in Europe).


Hi Gundolf,

I think the massive BP oil spill in the gulf (which the commie U.S. media has stopped talking about. )
has already disrupted the gulf stream. This cold wave could be related.

5) Message boards : Science : Global Warming - Moved (Message 108345)
Posted 1236 days ago by Profile Bill592
Coldest winter in 1,000 years on its way

Death toll rises in Europe's deep freeze

Europeans are freezing to death

Global Warming ? ___ Ya You Betcha.

6) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : The coming distributed processing explosion (Message 106440)
Posted 1309 days ago by Profile Bill592
Not long ago Einstein had a similar problem due to too many new crunchers. They invested in a new server and outsourced some work to another PC.

Err ... do tell?

Cheers, Mike.

I believe Herr Machenschalk is working on this at the Secret
MPG underground base near Peenemünde )

7) Message boards : News : First Einstein@Home Discovery! (Message 105837)
Posted 1337 days ago by Profile Bill592
Wow ! I haven’t been on the site in a couple of months and,
was surprised and pleased to see this ! Congratulations !

8) Message boards : Science : Global Warming - Moved (Message 104817)
Posted 1406 days ago by Profile Bill592
Relief well will fail, 46 billion gallons could flow into Gulf.

Here’s something much more worrisome for you Global Warming
( we can and must save Mother Gia Earth ) types to worry about.

Here’s the good news – I read that ( left unchecked ) this oil leak could potentially
( by interfering with the Gulf Stream ) create a new ‘Ice Age”

Global Warming is ‘Solved’ !

9) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but... (Message 103617)
Posted 1470 days ago by Profile Bill592
Maybe Mercedes has figured out how to slip ads into Boinc ?

Actually, I don’t use the screensaver either but, I think what Omega
is describing only shows up when you are running an ABP2 task.

Not sure.

10) Message boards : Science : Shape of the universe negates the need for dark matter (Message 102582)
Posted 1527 days ago by Profile Bill592

Now I am Worried !

This means the ‘Doomsday Machine’ on Star Trek ,that came

from Andromeda, could be closer than we thought !

Next 10

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