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Posted 8 minutes ago by Profile Bill592
Doctors are a shifty lot, you'd have to keep an eye on that crew.

Cheers, Mike.

Bill do you keep the patients IN or the public OUT?

LOL It's just a regular hospital but, sometimes one of the Docs will place a patient on a 'Hold' for mental health reasons etc.


BTW: Good Morning ! or (Downunda) Goodnight !

or, if Scott is out there, Good Morning and Goodnight !
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Posted 9 hours ago by Profile Bill592
Gratz to David on your win.

I also got a win today. Doc released me to go back to work! Woohoo!


Getting ready for work now. I'm a security guard at a hospital )

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Posted 21 hours ago by Profile Bill592

I guess I'll have to try it at home where I have Chrome.

Winning anyway!

We Have a Winner !!!

N9JFE David has won ! This thread ended today )
4) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : SSD Performance (Message 133126)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile Bill592
Howdy Tullio and Phil !

Tullio ! Glad to see you are still on here posting )
I hope you and family are doing well ....

Phil, I'm just taking a guess but I doubt a PCIe ssd
would slow down the GPU at all.

(waiting for commentary from someone who actually uses one )))

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Posted 2 days ago by Profile Bill592
OK ... update

Rules Of Coffee

- Never get between <insert occupation here> and their coffee.

( eg. ice fisherman, firefighter )

- Don't diss the barista.

- Mess with my java at your own risk!

(Yes, you'll have to sanction me for two posts in a row ))

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Posted 2 days ago by Profile Bill592

I don't think your Leo II would even get close to catching an F1 car, they go from zero to 100mph and back to zero in less then 4 seconds! They hit top speed at about 220mph mostly due to track limits, they, like most race cars, spin the tires coming out of the pits and then go thru their 8 gears often spinning the tires on EACH AND EVERY gear change. The transmissions are a dual clutch setup, meaning they do not have to push the clutch in they just pull the paddle lever never even lifting their foot off the floor. They are rev limited to 15k this year but few get that high due to the max fuel flow rate, there is no point as the engine is producing no more oomph after about 11k to 12k revs. They carry 100 kilos of fuel, races are limited to a 2 hour time frame in most cases. They also run in ALL kinds of weather and use both slicks and two kinds of wet tires. The tires get sooo warm that they often use the slicks even when it drizzling because the heat from the tires warms the small patch of road they are on enough to keep them from sliding off.

On the other hand your Leo II WOULD squish an F1 car down into itty bitty carbon fiber bits IF it ever caught one!!

The steering wheel on an F1 car is said to cost in the 250k neighborhood, depending on the team


Good Morning Mikey ! and everyone.

Thanks for the info on the F-1 cars. Wow ! They are faster and more high tech than I realized !
After looking at that Total Cost of Ownership, I may not be getting into F-1 racing after all )))

I wonder if Scott (timelord04) felt that 6.0 quake in the bay area ?

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Posted 3 days ago by Profile Bill592

Good morning!!

The F1 cars this year are running 1.6L V-6 engines with turbochargers and kers, ie electric motors in them. They are sorta kinda like the Toyota Prius setup but on a racing scale with inter-coolers and the turbo running at full speed all the time. They also have a few limiters such as no refueling and a max fuel flow rate, so on top of racing they must manage the fuel to last the whole race too.

A Toyota Prius Racer ? You gotta be kidding me. Well, that idjot won't have to worry much about his "No Refueling" limiter after I run his ass over with my Leo II !!!

Winning !!! (not this thread .... the F-1 race)

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Posted 4 days ago by Profile Bill592
However like MacArthur he always bucked up against his seniors, spoke more than was liked, though while he was loved by his soldiers he was schemed against back home by politicians. I think there is even a recent book out by someone who thinks his death ( motor vehicle collision ) was not accidental.

Cheers, Mike.

Mornin Mike and Mikey !

Ah yes, politicians, the scourge of planet Earth. Read the book "Term Limits" by Vince Flynn for the solution to this problem.

As for the race, seeing as they are in the Ardennes, they should be required to drive 'Tanks' as their racing vehicle ! The M1 Abrams would be a good choice with it's turbine engine but, fuel economy is not so good ( It takes Eight gallons of fuel just to 'Start' the engine )))
Might be better off driving a German Leopard II with it's big V-12 diesel )))

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Posted 5 days ago by Profile Bill592
Money For Jam Days

Picture a hill with a great noble house on the top. A long flared ridge with a slight kink descends from it to a sharp overhang, where groups of tents lie marked by a jaunty sign sitting amongst a pile of ropes and grapples. 'Spelunker Base Camp'.

The house is in fact an Edwardian manor, the wrought iron gate at the entrance has an arch that reads :

The Happy Peak Retirement Home for Otorhinolaryngologists

Angus : Ah, those were the good old days.

Cheers, Mike.

( edit ) We have CRAFT disease in the southern hemisphere. Can't Remember A .... Thing.

I've seen this movie !

Starring Mel Brooks and Harvey Korman )

10) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : AMD 14.7 RC3 Driver Performance Loss vs 14.4 (Message 132986)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Bill592
Hey Bill592!, It is possible that E@H reports invalid information concerning driver version

Good Mornin Titan

The 'computer' info on Einstein doesn't seem to know Shiʿite about what driver we are using (at least for AMD)
It reads out the same thing 1.4.1848 for all AMD Gpu's (

Take Care,

Next 10

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