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1) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : Floyd founder Wright dies at 65 (Message 88919)
Posted 2230 days ago by Profile Contact
Pink Floyd keyboard player and founder member Richard Wright has died at the age of 65 after battling cancer
On Thursday, September 18, 2008, I heard this brilliant Richard Wright Tribute on the radio:
Tribute to Richard Wright

David Marsden wrote:
Conf: The NEWS
From: Marsden
Date: September 21, 2008 01:04 AM

I rarely post any of the mixes from my show, however the e-mail demands and requests are at an all time high to hear it again.

Since the days before Dark Side Of The Moon I have always been a major Pink Floyd fan. And indeed, had the great pleasure to chat with each of them many times and to introduce them at several major concerts.

Pink Floyd will never appear together in concert again. For me, I think that may be best. It would be nearly impossible for them to live up to the enormous expectations of the fans.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to see Pink Floyd live about 7 times in various cities.

I'm lucky enough to tune this in on the stereo out of Oshawa, Ontario (94.9 FM) but he's also streamed live on the net:

Click to listen!
2) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : What's playing on the stereo? Part II (Message 74424)
Posted 2611 days ago by Profile Contact
Right now... and almost every Thursday and Friday 7pm ET til Midnight... just the best radio possible. The David Marsden Radio Program.

I'm lucky enough to tune this in on the stereo out of Oshawa, Ontario (94.9 FM) but he's also streamed live on the net:

Click to listen!

3) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : HTML Team Name-ext link non-functional (Message 19547)
Posted 3305 days ago by Profile Contact
Actually it was considered a bug to allow html in team name.
Security issues I think.
4) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : requesting 0 seconds of work? (Message 17700)
Posted 3347 days ago by Profile Contact
|Einstein@Home|Requesting 0 seconds of work, returning 0 results

Suspend all other projects. Then update Einstein. Worked here a minute ago.
5) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : What is Pirates? (Message 17583)
Posted 3349 days ago by Profile Contact
Ahoy mates!
The old Pirates@Home url has been redirected to my small attempt to keep a record of this most beautifully run BOINC project.
The pages you see there now are just html copies of some of the original php pages.
Because php doesnít save well to html there may be small errors on the pages so donít hesitate to point out my mistakes.

I had originally intended to save these pages for my personal visits when nostalgia called, but when I decided to upload these pages to the web I thought I should ask Eric Myers for his permission.
I was pleasantly shocked to see a post on Aug 27 by Thor Prime on the SETI boards that a new redirect has shown up on the old Pirates url. I assume Eric Myers is behind this decision.
The Pirates@Home archive is of interest mainly to ex-pirates but the curious are also welcome.
6) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : 14 days deadline (Message 17386)
Posted 3355 days ago by Profile Contact
i'm happy about the new 14 day deadline...because that synchs E@H up with S@H

Good point. It does make things less complicated.

so now i can finally use the recommended BOINC 4.45 client...because now the client doesn't think i'm way behind on E@H...because before...the einstein WU's always had the earliest rarely was a seti unit all is just fine.

If youíre saying youíve been running 4.19 until now I think you will really like 4.45
After a couple of weeks running 4.45 you should be able to sit back and see BOINC almost always make all the right decisions based on your prefs.

Iím surprised that 4.45 didnít work for you with the shorter deadline because for me it made running E@H way easier. After crunching continuous E@H wuís no new E@H wuís were downloaded until other projects caught up to their share. My problem was that the next round of E@H sometimes hit me with 1 wu more than I could process before deadline. Underestimated completion time was the root problem. Big concern that may already be solved.
7) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : 14 days deadline (Message 17257)
Posted 3358 days ago by Profile Contact
I prefer a short turnaround time, it discourages the wu hoarders that slow everything down.

Yep. If i am in your seat this is how i would feel.
But i am in a seat behind old, slow crunchers on dial-up that want to play.
We know we slow things down, but rationalize that we add flops to the project.
At first start of this project wuís were way smaller and took a short time to complete. To ease load on the server it was agreed to make wuís have a longer process time. I must keep a close eye on Einstein since that decision.
If Bruce Allen feels confident now that the servers can handle extra pain i believe it and will do my part to put him to the test. I think i will find this project easier to run now and will hopefully no longer return a result 10 minutes past due because i decided to eat first after work instead of running to puter and dialing in.
The hoarders and slow-pokes will only slow this project down by a small fraction of it's lifespan and could in the long run help.
8) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : 14 days deadline (Message 17146)
Posted 3361 days ago by Profile Contact
I'm starting to make a new set of S4 workunits. I am now confident that our database can handle the strain, so these new WU have a 2-week deadline.


Big news for me and many others running slow machines on dial-up.
Big, big news. Big thanks!
Really hope this works out.
9) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : [Q] - Anyone knows whats going on @ Pirates? (Message 14404)
Posted 3414 days ago by Profile Contact
Arr! 'Tis a shame to see the ship sail off to be scuttled without even a word of farewell from the cap'n.

Aye! There was word, but very short notice.
Pirated copy of the thread:

Pirates shutting down...
10) Message boards : Cafe Einstein : Congrats Byron :) (Message 13003)
Posted 3452 days ago by Profile Contact
Very nice to see.

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