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1) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : GTX 670 crunching slower on 3770 K PCIe 3 slot than on i7 980 PCIe 2 slot (Message 124126)
Posted 522 days ago by Profile Stef
You can try to run to check if it's running in x16 3.0 mode.
2) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Low gpu load (Message 122837)
Posted 591 days ago by Profile Stef
Also make sure, that the card is running in the fastest possible PCIe-Mode (3.0 if possible)
3) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : I cannot find (Message 122013)
Posted 620 days ago by Profile Stef
I cannot find myself listed as being a ranked competitor on the Challenge, why?
Thank you for your help

Which list are you referring to?
4) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Do the e@h CPU-Apps benefit from hyperthreading? (Message 121553)
Posted 638 days ago by Profile Stef
I have now some results from S6LV:

Without HT:
2 Results in avg. 87875s

With HT enabled:
4 Results in avg. 111155s

It's a pretty amazing gain.
5) Message boards : News : Can Einstein@Home pass the 1 Petaflop (1000 Teraflop) barrier? (Message 121543)
Posted 639 days ago by Profile Stef
I don't think we'll reach it before the end of 2012. the FLOPS have been decreasing since days now. I guess most if not all SETI people have gone to their home and that's why we're seeing such decrease.

Yep.. it doesn't look like:
6) Message boards : Wish List : Main page items (Message 121542)
Posted 639 days ago by Profile Stef
A link to a page with an overview of current and past e@h-Apps, where is explained where the data came from (LIGO, Arecibo, Fermi-LAT) and their purposes, would be nice.
It could contain also an list of all results of the past searches with links to the papers.
I think it would be a good guidance for new users.

This could replace the IMO a little unstructured paragraph "Science information and progress reports".
7) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Do the e@h CPU-Apps benefit from hyperthreading? (Message 121536)
Posted 640 days ago by Profile Stef
I think the FRGP2 have a consistent runtime by now. With HT enabled on the Atom D2700 it's 50% faster! The CPU runs a bit warmer (64°C vs. 60°C before, passive cooled). But it's a pretty nice performance for a <20W computer.
It does 4 FRGP2 Tasks in less than 22000s.
I've got one S6LV-Task in the pipeline, i'll see how it performs.
8) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : Do the e@h CPU-Apps benefit from hyperthreading? (Message 121508)
Posted 642 days ago by Profile Stef
I have an Atom D2700 running without hyperthreading. Would it benefit when I enable HT?
The box is a bit hidden, running without screen, so it's a bit difficult do enter BIOS, otherwise I would have tested :)

And I'm planning to buy a new host. Would e@h benefit from i7's hyperthreading?
It's a choice between i7-3770 and i5-3570.
9) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : No more S6 LineVeto WUs? (Message 121469)
Posted 644 days ago by Profile Stef
IS this normal ?

If you've deselected CPU-BRP4, then yes. There aren't many S6LV-Tasks around, as stated above.
10) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : 10% of active hosts (last 2 weeks) w/ GPU seems to provide 50% of all work (Message 121447)
Posted 645 days ago by Profile Stef
Also GPUs only benefit the pulsar search (BRP4); they aren't used in the gravity wave work (SL6V1) where it's only CPU power that counts.

Which let me wonder why I get often no new work unit (within last 1-2 weeks) for that project (I deselected the BRP4 project fwiw)

Have a look at

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