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Bruce AllenUWM Science code, Screensaver, BOINC locality scheduler, WU daemon, Assimilator, BOINC development, Management, Data preparation
David AndersonUC BerkeleyBOINC development, Debugging
Oliver BockAEIBinary Pulsar Search (Workunit generator, Science code, Cross-platform build system), Graphics/Screensaver framework, Web code
Teviet CreightonCaltech/JPLValidator
Steffen GrunewaldAEIValidator, Download mirroring
Heinz-Bernd Eggensteinn/aCode performance analysis and optimization, Forum moderation
Akos FeketeAEILow-level code optimization
David HammerUWMServer installation and administration, Screensaver, Website, Debugging, Data preparation
Mike Hewsonn/aForum moderation
Yousuke ItohAEI and UWMScience code, Post-processing and analysis
Gaurav KhannaUMass DartmouthCode optimization/vectorization (especially on PPC)
Benjamin KnispelAEIBinary Pulsar Search (Search design, Science code, Data preparation, Post-processing and Analysis)
Badri KrishnanAEIEinstein@Home S4/S5 search design
Mike LandryLHOAPS web pages
Bernd MachenschalkAEIScience code, Application development, optimization and vectorization on all platforms, mixed scheduler, validators, BOINC development, Forum moderation
Kathryn Marksn/aForum moderation
John McLeodn/aForum moderation
Greg MendellLHOAPS web pages
Eric MyersVassarScreensaver, Website
Ben OwenPSUMessage boards, Einstein@Home S4/S5 search design
Marialessandra PapaAEIScience code
Holger PletschAEIGC Science code and Search method, Post-processing and Analysis
Reinhard PrixAEIScience code, Search design, Linux and Mac builds, Optimization, Debugging, BOINC development
James RiordonAPSPublicity
Gary Robertsn/aForum moderation
Xavier SiemensUWMScience code, Testing, Data preparation
Rom WaltonUC BerkeleyBOINC core client and clientgui development, Debugging

Einstein@Home Data Mirrors

InstitutionLocationTime ZoneAdministrator
Albert Einstein Institute (Golm)Berlin, GermanyUTC+1Steffen Grunewald
Albert Einstein Institute (Hannover) Hannover, GermanyUTC+1Carsten Aulbert
University of Glasgow LSC groupGlasgow, ScotlandUTCIain Sim
MIT LSC groupBoston, MA, USAUTC-5Fred Donovan
Penn State LSC groupState College, PA, USAUTC-5Cindy Titsler
Caltech LSC groupPasadena, CA, USAUTC-8Josh Abadie

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