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1) Message boards : Cruncher's Corner : No cache for app_info? (Message 111590)
Posted 11 Apr 2011 by Profile Mad Matt
11.04.2011 08:46:37 Einstein@Home Message from server: To get more Einstein@Home work, finish current work, stop BOINC, remove app_info.xml file, and restart.

Anyone knows what's the reason behind this?
2) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : Strange number of errors on different comps (Message 99601)
Posted 24 Sep 2009 by Profile Mad Matt
Thank you, Gary. Ironically the old Athlon is overclocked since I got it in 2005 and contributed the bulk of my EAH credits. OK, other apps those days, so this does not have to tell much. It won't be too hard to keep it out since it's just a backup now and can occasionally crunch for any other project when it's running.

Regarding the Quad: I did run the stress test at least 4 times on all cores and once for more than half an hour, maybe not long enough. I witnessed other problems as well lately and now I am trying to reduce the undervolting. Last effort to save the current settings. Hopefully the next EAH runs will show the problems are solved now.
3) Message boards : Problems and Bug Reports : Strange number of errors on different comps (Message 99596)
Posted 23 Sep 2009 by Profile Mad Matt
I am having a strange number of client errors on different comps, occuring at about the same time. On one of them I changed overclocking settings, but on the other one I did not change a thing.

All other projects are running fine, torture tests with Prime95 are passing. This makes me wonder if my 3D and graphics settings for Einstein may have caused unexpected problems? I just did reset them to default, but I would prefer to look into this before risking more errors.

The comps are available via my profile, if you want to look into details. Thank you for you help in advance.

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