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WebSite Language Description Date
Washington Post English How you can help Einstein@Home 2012/04/20
Sterne und Weltraum German Hinter den Kulissen von Einstein@Home 2011/10/14
livescience English Exploring Our Universe With Einstein At Home 2011/03/01
HPC wire English GPUs Spur Discovery of New Pulsar 2011/03/01
Cosmic Log msnbc.com English Volunteers find another prize pulsar 2011/03/01
Scientific American English Einstein@Home Taps Donated PC Graphics Processors to Uncover a Second Pulsar 2011/03/01
WUWM English Radio interview with Bruce Allen about Einstein@Home 2011/02/08
Dradio.de German Online geliehene Rechenleistung 2011/01/20
The Organge County Register English How to catch a wave in space and time 2010/12/1
Sterne und Weltraum German Pulsare mit dem Heimcomputer entdeckt! 2010/11/19
Live Science English Science Projects That Can Run Right on Your Home Computer 2010/09/20
Raumfahrer.net German Erster Erfolg mit Einstein at Home 2010/09/18
theage.com.au English Citizens in space 2010/09/14
Agence Science Presse French Astronomie citoyenne 2010/09/14
Telepolis German Angeschaltet bleiben für Arecibo 2010/08/20
nzherald.co.nz English Virtual thinkers solving real world problems 2010/09/08
Corriere del Ticino Italian La pulsar nel tuo computer 2010/08/20
Futurity English How to find a pulsar with your home PC 2010/08/18
WUWM Radio English Volunteers Locate New Star Via Computer (Audio) 2010/08/17
Sky and Telescope English Home Computers Dredge Up Weird Pulsar 2010/08/17
Il Sole 24 ore Italian Scopri una stella col tuo pc 2010/08/17
WISSENSCHAFT UND TECHNIK German Rasant rotierender Pulsar per Rechnerverbund entdeckt 2010/08/17
DIE RHEINPFALZ German Astrophysik ganz privat 'page 1 of Zeitgeschehen section' 2010/08/16
Роскосмоса Russian Астрономы-любители обнаружили неизвестный пульсар в созвездии Лисички 2010/08/16
Nesw.ynet.com Chinese 平民科学家用家用电脑发现罕见脉冲星 2010/08/16
Switched English Citizen Scientists Use Einstein@Home Screensaver to Discover a New Pulsar 2010/08/15
n-tv Online German Amateure entdecken Radiopulsar 2010/08/15
Rhein-Zeitung German Weltweites Rechnen: Mainzer Informatiker entdeckt Pulsar-Stern 2010/08/15
Science 2.0 English Citizen Scientists Discover New Pulsar With Einstein@Home 2010/08/14
La Crónica de Hoy Spanish En casa, astrónomos aficionados hallan una estrella de neutrones 2010/08/14
Exite.co.jp Japanese Einstein@Home にてパルサーが発見される 2010/08/14
Australian Geographic English Strange pulsar found by volunteer army 2010/08/13
BBC World Service English Science In Action (Audio) 2010/08/13
Network World English Volunteer scientists aid in discovery of neutron star 2010/08/13
FOX News English PC Screen Saver Leads to Discovery of New Star 2010/08/13
Boston Globe English Home PCs help make a celestial discovery 2010/08/13
Albuquerque Examiner.com English Amateurs discover pulsar with Einstein @ home software and become stars themselves 2010/08/13
BBC online English Home computers discover rare star 2010/08/13
Astronomy Now Online English Citizen scientists make pulsar discovery 2010/08/13
Handford News English Worldwide home computer system discovers new collapsed star 2010/08/13
Zeit Online German Alle suchen Einsteins Wellen 2010/08/13
Spiegel online German Amateurforscher entdecken spektakulären Pulsar 2010/08/13
Universum Online Magazin German Astronomen und Physiker: Wettstreit um Pulsare und Gravitationswellen 2010/08/13
Wiener Zeitung German 'Amateur-Physiker' finden Himmelskörper im Universum 2010/08/13
Astronomie Heute German Amateurwissenschaftler entdecken mit Einstein@Home einen neuen Pulsar 2010/08/13
Golem German Einstein@Home entdeckt Pulsar 2010/08/13
Wissenschaft aktuell German Pulsar-Entdeckung per Bildschirmschoner 2010/08/13
science.ORF.at German Amateure finden neuen Pulsar 2010/08/13
Le Figaro French Ces amateurs qui font avancer la recherche 2010/08/13
Radio-Canda.ca French L'astronomie citoyenne à l'honneur 2010/08/13
Sciences et Avenir French Un pulsar découvert par des amateurs 2010/08/13
Correio Braziliense Portuguese Astrônomos amadores descobrem nova estrela com espaço de PCs particulares 2010/08/13
Газета.Ru Russian Обывательская астрономия 2010/08/13
Лента.Ру Russian Домашний компьютер впервые обнаружил странный пульсар 2010/08/13
KopalniaWiedzy.pl Polish Pierwszy sukces Einstein@home 2010/08/13
ENTDECKEN German Rasant rotierender Pulsar per Rechnerverbund entdeckt 2010/08/13
POPSCI English Using Home Astronomy Software, Citizen Scientists Discover New Pulsar 2010/08/12
ars technica English BOINC bags a pulsar via Einstein@Home distributed computing 2010/08/12
PRI's The World English Einstein@Home makes discover (Audio MP3) 2010/08/12
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel English Distant star flares at UWM 2010/08/12
NSF English Einstein@Home 'Citizen Scientists' Discover a New Pulsar in Arecibo Telescope Data 2010/08/12
Nature English Home computer finds rare pulsar 2010/08/12
Scientific American English Volunteers Idle Computer Time Turns Up a Celestial Oddball 2010/08/12
Cosmic Log on MSNBC English Trio finds a pulsar ... and so can you 2010/08/12
Voice of America English Citizen Scientists Discover Rare Pulsar Using Home Computers 2010/08/12
Inside Science English Donated Computer Time Discovers New Star 2010/08/12
CBC.ca English Home PCs help find fast-rotating star 2010/08/12
ScienceNews English The people's pulsar 2010/08/12
Science English Astronomical Find by Three Average Joes 2010/08/12
The Planetary Society Blog English New Pulsar Discovery Shows Power of Citizen Scientists…and Planetary Society Members 2010/08/12
Heise News Ticker German Einstein@home-Teilnehmer finden Pulsar 2010/08/12
Der Standard German Amateure entdecken Pulsar 2010/08/12
Gulli German Einstein@home: Freiwillige entdecken Pulsar 2010/08/12
EurekAlert French Des « scientifiques citoyens » d’Einstein@Home découvrent un nouveau pulsar 2010/08/12
AFP French Des astronomes 'citoyens' découvrent un nouveau pulsar 2010/08/12
EL PAÍS Spanish Una estrella descubierta desde casa 2010/08/12
AFP Portuguese Astrônomos cidadãos' descobrem nova estrela de nêutrons 2010/08/12
American Physical Society English 2008/07/03
New Scientist Tech English Akos Fekete 2006/05/17
The Brownsville Herald English 2005/12/15
Beyond Einstein Webcast English Video (real media) 2005/12/12
WUWM radio English Audio 2005/10/20
The Institute (IEEE) English 2005/09/12
Max Planck Gesellschaft German 2005/08/29
Astronomie Heute German 2005/08/14
The Kojo Nnamdi Show [real audio] English Audio 2005/05/22
The Register-Guard English Eugene, Oregon 2005/05/22
Sky and Telescope English July 2005, page 39. Not available on-line. 2005/05/17
Science Grid This Week English 2005/05/04
Scientific American English Subscription required 2005/04/24
Baltimore Sun English free subscription or Google cache 2005/04/22
Knight Ridder Newspapers English 2005/04/22
Sydney Morning Herald English 2005/04/15
Nature.com English Blog 2005/03/20
Zeit Wissen German 2005/03/16
NewScientist English 2005/03/14
Fisica y Sociedad Spanish 2005/03/09
KIDK-TV (Idaho Falls, ID) English 2005/03/09
USA TODAY English WYP article mentions E@H 2005/03/07
AAAS NetWatch English 2005/03/04
Futura Sciences French 2005/03/04
Der Tagesspiegel German 2005/03/04
Radio Canada French Audio 2005/02/27
Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten German 2005/02/23
FAZ.NET German 2005/02/23
American Public Media [real audio] English Audio 2005/02/23
UWM News English 2005/02/23
Heise Online German 2005/02/23
Hamburger Abendblatt German 2005/02/22
The Columbus Dispatch English 2005/02/22
San Jose Business Journal English 2005/02/21
Geoscience Online German 2005/02/21
Seti.org [mp3] English Audio 2005/02/20
Slashdot English 2005/02/19
Astronomy magazine English 2005/02/19
Gadgetopia English 2005/02/19
MSNBC English 2005/02/19
AAAS English Einstein@Home was launched at the annual AAAS meeting 2005/02/19
Supercomputing Online English 2005/02/18
PhysOrg.com English 2005/02/18
EurekAlert! English Press Release 2005/02/18
die Zeit German 2005/02/10
BoingBoing English 2005/02/07
AstroNews.com German 2005/02/04
Le Nouvel Observateur French 2005/02/02
P2Pnet.net English 2005/02/02
erster kontakt German ???
Nature.com English 2005/01/31
New York Times English World Year of Physics article mentions E@H 2005/01/25
Times Online English 2004/11/24
Slashdot English 2004/07/15
Wikipedia English Not news but pretty cool!

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