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The Apps that are published here are meant for "power users", i.e. people who more or less know what they are doing with their computers and with BOINC. The instructions are short, if there are any at all, and not suitable for beginners. Support from the project team is limited.

These Apps usually trade in some features or compatibility we want to keep in the official Apps for speed, or run on rather exotic OS for which we can't provide much support. The Apps have been tested by the project so far that they run successful on at least one configuration (usually the one that they have been built on) and don't pose a danger to the project. They usually come with an app_info.xml file that uses the anonymous platform, assigns a valid application name and a serial number that allows us to easily keep track of these results in the database.

Use them at your own risk (i.e. credit).

Linux on PowerPC (PS3)
BOINC Core Client 5.9.3.
  • Command-line only.
  • Unmodified. Not suitable for the PS3Grid project.
  • The archive expands into a BOINC folder containing two files: boinc and boinc_cmd.
  • boinc_5.9.3_powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu.tgz
    md5: c8f15d79a6c7d6e56aea5f6c711058b0
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