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Project daemons

Program HostStatus
DB purgereinstein3Running
Scheduler log publishereinstein10Running
file upload handler mediumeinstein3Disabled
file upload handler largeeinstein4Running
FGRPB1 work generatoreinstein3Not Running
FGRPB1 validatoreinstein3Running
FGRPB1 assimilatoreinstein3Running
FGRPB1 file deletereinstein3Running
BRP4 work generatoreinstein3Not Running
BRP4 validatoreinstein3Running
BRP4 assimilatoreinstein3Running
BRP4 file deletereinstein3Running
BRP4 file deleter e1einstein3Running
BRP4 file deleter e6einstein3Running
BRP4G work generatoreinstein3Not Running
BRP4G validatoreinstein3Running
BRP4G assimilatoreinstein3Running
BRP4G file deletereinstein3Running
BRP4G file deleter e1einstein3Running
BRP4G file deleter e6einstein3Running
BRP6 work generatoreinstein3Not Running
BRP6 validatoreinstein3Running
BRP6 assimilatoreinstein3Running
BRP6 file deletereinstein3Running
O1AS20-100F work generatoreinstein4Disabled
O1AS20-100F validatoreinstein4Running
O1AS20-100F assimilatoreinstein4Running
O1AS20-100F file deletereinstein4Running
O1AS20-100I work generatoreinstein4Disabled
O1AS20-100I validatoreinstein4Running
O1AS20-100I assimilatoreinstein4Running
O1AS20-100I file deletereinstein4Running
Running: Program is operating normally
Not Running: Program failed or ran out of work
(or the project is down)
Disabled: Program has been disabled by staff
(for debugging/maintenance)

Workunits and tasks

Tasks total 744,494 306,825 222,159 181,884 1,455,362
Tasks to send 1,996 4,151 7,337 3,236 16,720
Tasks in progress 216,088 77,549 47,975 23,588 365,200
Tasks valid 421,759 152,749 109,856 122,761 807,125
Tasks invalid 906 2,934 1,332 2,481 7,653
Tasks inconclusive 627 1,559 1,042 785 4,013
Tasks pending 47,537 46,757 33,205 14,449 141,948
Tasks failed 32,116 16,650 9,972 11,792 70,530
Tasks too late 1,666 141 222 252 2,281
Workunits total 550,588 140,964 99,346 82,186 873,084
Workunits without canonical result 201,507 64,718 44,486 20,872 331,583
Computing FGRPB1 BRP6 BRP4 BRP4G in DB
(from successful tasks last week)
1,688 46 46 0 1,780
CPU weeks
(from successful tasks last week)
22,950 433 2,085 141 25,609
Granted credit / 100
(from successful tasks last week)
2,672,194 5,512,100 56,511 1,139,340 9,380,145
Workunits finished last week 348,951 76,209 54,840 61,316 541,316
Backlogs FGRPB1 BRP6 BRP4 BRP4G in DB
Workunits waiting for validation 1 0 0 0 1
Workunits waiting for assimilation 9 0 1 1 11
Workunits waiting for file deletion 0 0 0 0 0
Tasks waiting for file deletion 0 0 0 0 0


Replica behind master0s
Transitioner backlog0s
Participants with credit435,962
Participants registered in past 24h272
Participants active last two weeks41,872
Host computers#
Hosts registered in past 24h1,870
Hosts with credit1,549,120
Hosts active last two weeks72,536
GPU productivity (last 7 days)#
Hosts w/ ATI/AMD GPU5,044
Hosts w/ NVIDIA GPU10,981
Hosts w/ INTEL HD GPU6,040
Validating hosts w/ ATI/AMD GPU2,626
Validating hosts w/ NVIDIA GPU6,979
Validating hosts w/ INTEL GPU1,313
Avg daily valid results (ATI/AMD)8,189
Avg daily valid results (NVIDIA)25,498
Avg daily valid results (INTEL)9,783
Avg daily credit (ATI/AMD)26,193,457
Avg daily credit (NVIDIA)67,481,629
Avg daily credit (INTEL)1,025,514
Computing capacity#
Floating point speed
(from recent average credit of all users)
1779.7 TFLOPS

FGRPB1 search progress

Total needed Already done Work still remaining
100.00 %71.66 %28.34 %
4,032,103 units2,889,364 units1,142,739 units
201.1 days178.1 days22.9 days (estimated)
done per day (averaged over 7d): 49,847 units

BRP4 (Arecibo "Mock") progress

Search progress 
Beams to analyze118586
Beams 100% processed103553
Beam equivalent to successful work106212.7 beams
Incoming canonical result rate today44.5 beams/day
Days to process remaining data277.4 days

BRP6 (PMPS XT) progress

Search progress 
Beams to analyze41030
Beams 100% processed28725 (70 %)
Beam equivalent to successful work35907.9 beams
Incoming canonical result rate today64.1 beams/day
Days to process remaining data80.4 days

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